Information obligation in accordance with the Art. 13 paragraphs 1 and 2 and the Art. 14 of GDPR
Processing of personal data by Jakub Sobieski Hotel in Oława


We kindly ask you to read the information below as regards the principles we apply to protect your personal data

Data Administrator : HOTEL JAKUB SOBIESKI PHU Jadrom
Hotel and catering services Jadwiga Kaczor

Contact details as regards the Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Obtaining personal data:
We obtained your personal data when you contacted us via telephone, email, in person, via the contact form as well as when you submitted online booking via our website or used the booking portal.

Objective of processing your personal data:
1. In order to realize an agreement concluded with us in the form of a registration/residence registration card, in particular:
preparation of documents necessary for using our services (invoices, receipts) and for making cash and non-cash payments;
handling requests made to us via phone or email;
our use of contact details for purposes connected to the provision of services resulting from the concluded service agreement;
handling complaints – in case dissatisfaction;
due to tax and accounting objectives as required by law.
2. According to the Administrator's legally justified objectives:
conducting direct marketing activities as regards our own services and/or products. To meet this objective we will analyze shopping decisions corresponding to our business activity to offer services best suited to the customer’s expectations and preferences;
maintaining customer relationships;
conducting statistical analyzes;
providing payment services;
debt collection;
data archiving aimed at ensuring accountability and compliance with legal obligations;
data collected by hotel monitoring aimed at ensuring the safety of all persons staying at the hotel;
3. In accordance with the consent provided by you:
due to data processing for marketing and commercial purposes, answering questions, statistical and promotional purposes when organizing events, competitions, etc .;
as regards processing the following data:
            -  saved in the contact form;
             - newsletter service;
             - contained on the registration/residence registration card

Provision of data:

Providing your data is voluntary. Nevertheless, failure to provide such data will prevent you from concluding the agreement and using the services provided by the Data Administrator.

We require the following data:

 data collected based on registration/residence registration cards: Name, surname, series and ID number as well as contact details such as phone number and/or email - for purposes connected to booking process as well as the number of people, date of stay, type of room, preference connected with the request or additional services. What is more, if you use the parking you can be asked to provide the vehicle registration number; Company data include: name and address of the entity and tax identification number (NIP) which is necessary for invoicing. In case of stay of guests under 18, we can ask you to provide information about this person such as: name, nationality and date of birth. Such data can be provided to us exclusively by an adult.
data collected while making a booking via phone or e-mail: name, surname, phone number and/or e-mail address, number of people, date of stay, type of room, preferences connected with booking or additional services;
data collected while making a booking online via our website: name, surname, address, country, telephone number and email address as well as details connected to card used to make a payment (name, surname, type of card, card number and card expiration date - month and year and security code CVV as well as the number of people, date of stay, type of room, preferences connected with the booking or additional services;
Data of the entity acting as an organizer (name, address, tax identification number), contact details of the organizer (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address), data of the group supervisor (name, surname, telephone number, email address - in if it is a different person than the contact person in reference to the organizer) and the names of the group participants together with their likely number depending on the type of  concluded agreement;
data collected while booking an event: name, surname, series and ID number, contact details (phone number, email address), home address, number of event participants, date of the event.
data obtained from third parties: such as travel agencies, tourist offices, GDS booking systems and others to whom you provided your data for the purposes of using the service we offer;
If it is required by law we may ask you to provide other necessary data, for example,  due to accounting or tax purposes.
Your rights as regards the processing of personal data:
You have the right to:
access your data and correct it;
issue written, justified request to cease processing of your data due to your special situation;
to object to the processing of your data when the Data Administrator intends to process it for marketing and/or commercial purposes or to the transfer of your personal data to a different Data Administrator;
to file a complaint to the supervisory body following the Art. 77 and Art. 79 when one believes that the processing of personal data breaches the provisions of the general regulation on the protection of personal issued on the 27th of April 2016;
to obtain comprehensive information in accordance with the Art. 15 of GDPR as regards:
             -  the fact your data is included in the Administrator's database and the address of the Administrator’s registered office;
              - the purpose, scope and manner of processing data contained in such a database;
              - the state from which your data has been processed within a particular database;
              - possible source of data acquisition;
              - sharing your data, in particular information concerning recipients or categories of recipients to whom this data are shared;
              - the planned period of data storage.

Making your personal data available:
We can make your personal data available:
to entities cooperating with us based on the agreement in which they were entrusted with the processing of personal data;
to other entities if you granted your consent;
to public bodies operating based on separate, superior legal provisions.
Storage of personal data:
We store your personal data for the duration of the agreement concluded with you and, what is more, after its termination for the following purposes:
pursuing claims in connection with the performance of contractual terms;
performing obligations resulting from legal provisions, including tax and accounting provisions;
preventing breach and fraud;
statistical and archiving objectives;
for a maximum of 6 years from the termination of the agreement for the provision of services.
We are to process your data for marketing and/or commercial purposes for the duration of the agreement or until you express objection, withdraw your consent for further processing whichever of these events occurs sooner.

Consent can be withdrawn free of charge in two manner, always with annotation: “To the Data Administrator “:
by sending written information via e-mail to the address of the hotel indicated above;
by sending it by post to the Data Administrator's address indicated above.

In case of application of loyalty programs, competitions and promotional campaigns you can voluntarily participate in, we are to process your data for the duration and settlement period as regards awarding prizes. For accountability purposes, namely to prove compliance with the provisions regarding the processing of personal data, we are to store data for the period during which we are required to store such data or documents containing the aforementioned data in order to document compliance with legal requirements and enable public authorities to verify their compliance.

This information clause can be modified if necessary. For that reason we recommend checking its content regularly, especially when booking services at our hotel.